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I have to say I’m a big impulse shopper. When I’m in the store I want something I buy it. Now don’t get me wrong I do have limits I don’t carry a pile of credit cards and buy whatever I want but if I had more funds that would be me. So I was recently faced with a week with lower funds then usual so I set out on a mission to lower my food budget for the week. What I found is it’s very exciting to save money and think of different ways to save. Dare I say more exciting then the splurge purchases I made prior. I dug through pinterst and the web for ideas on lower cost meals. I’m on a mission to keep up money saving tips on meals and other ways that I find on my journey.

Meal cost savings:

Meal 1: Chicken Casserole

Now this one meal that I enjoy making but typically it is a lot of work because the chicken needs to be cooked first and I don’t usually have the free time to do this or the ambition if it’s been a long week. I was able to save money and time and was very excited about this.

{$2.99} 1 – 12.5 oz can of chicken (generally I use fresh chicken which is around $4-5 and needs to be cooked)

{$1.49} 1 – 16 oz container of sour cream

{$1.19} 1- 10.75 oz can campbell’s cream of chicken soup

{$1.99} 1- 5oz pkg of garlic & onion croutons (generally this would be stuffing but since I was trying to work with what I had on hand I used these instead .. Stove top stuffing would run about the same price .. the garlic was a bit overwhelming so next time if I use croutons I will try a different kind)

Meal total = $ 7.66

This makes a big pan and we were able to eat it for both dinner and then leftovers for lunch the next day.

Meal 2: Tuna Melts

This is one of my daughter’s favorites. I know some people like to make them on a frying plan or a griddle but I’m not a fan of warm tuna so this is how I make mine.

{$2.29} 2 – slices of bread (I always use italian which was $2.39 for the loaf but if you are looking to cut cost bread prices can go much lower)

{$2.49} 1 – 12oz can Starkist Tuna (my cost saving came by not purchasing the pouches of tuna which I have come to love because you don’t have to drain them and get tuna smelling hands. It’s $3.49 in 11oz pouch to I decided for a $1 I could drain it)

{$1} 1 – slice cheese per sandwich (the cheese itself cost $2.49 so I’m including $1 of it for cost because not even half was used and plenty left over to use for something else)

{$1} enough miracle whip to make the tuna (It’s $3.99 for an entire jar of Miracle Whip but just a slight amount would be used for this. I know there is always a Miracle Whip VS Mayo debate. I don’t care for Mayo so unless it’s mixed in slightly I won’t eat mayo.

For this I toast the bread in the toaster. Once toasted I put the prepared tuna and a piece of cheese on each sandwich. Quick and easy.

Total Meal Cost = $ 6.78