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I’ve been a little lax lately in taking the time to post or venturing into many other things on my to do list. With a day off today and a little focus I decided to try a new recipe. Always looking for something easy and yummy. This I’m happy to say was both.

One of the most time consuming parts was cutting up the chicken. I must say after I re-read the recipe I didn’t need to cut it until after it was done cooking so that may have sped up the process some for me.

The ingredients for the sauce were quick and easy to combine. I cooked it on low and it was in longer then the recipe said because I was not home in time but the chicken was still nice and moist because it had soaked in the sauce.

The only problem I ran into was the sauce did not thicken as it should have. Not sure if it had to do with my measuring skills since I did 1 1/2 recipe to make sure I had enough. I added some more cornstarch though and it turned out great.

My verdict on this recipe is easy and tastes terrific. I will defiantly be making this again.

My next project is on a mission to make my own iced tea. I have become hooked on Tim Horton’s sweetened ice tea but more often then not I end up with either unsweetened (blah) or worst yet this last time a shot of vanilla coffee in it (super blah). Now if I can figure a way to make a good version on my own it will save me money and my taste buds. =)

If you would like the try the recipe click hereĀ 

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Today I decided to try a new recipe I have been meaning to try. It’s a copy cat of the dressing at the Olive Garden. I knew I wanted to try it so I had all of the ingredients. My experience has been usually with more then a few ingredients generally things are more involved then I want them to be. Today I was pleasantly surprised this was not the case. I was also happy that these are ingredients that are good to have around the house for many different recipes as well. The only thing I cringed when I bought was mayonnaise. Sorry all you mayo lovers out there I am a miracle whip girl until the end. I have regretfully learned in the past the sweet I love about miracle whip does not make it a good mayo substitute so I sucked it up and used it in the recipe. =)

Here is my before ingredients:

Here is my finished product. Very easy I must say. Just threw everything in the blender and mixed. After mixing it sits in the refrigerator for a bit.

Verdict is I don’t think it tastes a thing like Olive Gardens. I have to say I do like it but it was a little too much vinegar for my taste. Thru reading the comments it looks like there may have been more to the steps then just mixing them together. Should have known was too easy. =) So a re-try is in order for another day. Until then I will let it cool in refrigerator overnight to see if there is any taste difference after sitting for awhile. I guess there is very little that we can know until we try.

I have included a link below to the page the recipe came from if anyone wants to try it:

Link to Page Recipe came from