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Feel like I have been at this juncture point too many times in life. The point of knowing I need to do something about my weight. Knowing I’m not healthy and can’t go on this way. As more and more parts of my body ache and have issues it’s a big reminder now is the time.

I often live in a state of denial. You know if I don’t get on the scale the number hasn’t changed. If I don’t look in the mirror I look good and it’s just a little extra weight. So this week I caught that dreaded view in the full length mirror in a mall. I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I’m that that big. That’s not really me is it?? It is and instead of curling up and feeding my pain I’m attempting motivation once again.

I work best with rules so to say. I don’t want to overwhelm myself because that will make me run and hide. Instead a few plans at a time. So I will start with the easy.

1.  Week of drinking only water. That may sound easy but the thought of giving up my diet pepsi is a little scary but so not helpful to my goal. That actually means drinking it too so I don’t dehydrate myself.

2.  Week of meal planning at least 1 day ahead. One of my biggest weaknesses is not planning ahead and grabbing something quick, not good for me, and not thought generally means a ton of calories while i’m out on the go.

Seems like a good start. My goal is to stick with these two goals for the weeks and then work from there. I’m feeling good about this. I know I can do this!

I have to say overall today feels like a success. The interesting water mixture I tried turned out pretty good. Only minor detail is if you use the dried mint it’s terrible to get out of the water before drinking it. On a mission to find someplace that actually carries it fresh. Until then I think I will improvise with something to catch the little pieces so i’m not drinking them. I completed day 1 with no diet pepsi and I’m feeling with a vengeance tonight but I drank a glass of water instead and keeping my focus. With a little less vigor tonight I still think I can =)


I know very few that do not dread the Doctor’s office scale. Always that “it can’t be possibly right”. Lets subtract for this or that when really it’s close enough and often a tiny slap in the face. The denial of that number has become a part of life but only the acceptance will change it for the better. So my wake up call for me is that number being back where I started before I did numerous hours of diet and exercise last year into the beginning of this year. It creeps up so fast but it’s time for it to go. So the beginning to my plan for the day.

  • Taking my lunch instead of buying it at work. This is a biggie because even if what I make is not a low calorie meal I’m willing to bet whatever looks good, decide to eat when I’m there, and huge portion size is a ton more calories then it would have been.
  • Found a way to flavor water and add some health benefits on a blog so today I’m going to try it. Its filtered water, 1 lemon, 3/4 of a large cucumber, dried mint, and ginger spice. This is a tweak from what is originally in the recipe due to lack of ingredients in the store I bought everything from. Looking forward to see how this tastes. Wish me luck …. To try the original recipe I got it from
  • A big bowl of fruit. I mixed some grapes, watermelon, and strawberries and will take it for snack to try to keep me full and out of the vending machine

This is the plan but my main goals for the day are:

  • No diet pepsi. This is a biggie for me. Even though it’s diet this is what I drink all day instead of water so for today at least its cold turkey on the diet pepsi. Will keep the caffeine down and me trying the new water I made.
  • No eating when I get home. I work a long day and often times I find myself eating at 11pm at night. Eating that late can’t be good when I go to bed shortly after and typically it’s something sweet which is a double whammy.

I’m feeling good and hopeful that I can do this. I think I can I think I can ……